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This web site is for the descendants of the Goodstein family to communicate about upcoming events and happenings in the family. This web site provides access to a photo album, mailing list, Thanksgiving reunion information and the family Genealogy..

Goodstein Mailing List

Marcia Mewnuskin's 80th Birthday

2014 Memorial slide show - Janice's tribute to Barbara, Selma, Ida and Joe

Barbara Rubin

Photo Albums

Thanksgiving 2003

Quilt 2003 creation pictures

Thanksgiving 2002 Goodsteins make the channel 9 news

Goodstein Reunion videos 1996

Goodstein Women's Husbands videos 1995

Goodstein Reunion videos 1984 by Jane E. Katzman

Goodstein Reunion videos 1983 by Jane E. Katzman




Janice, Nina and Paul 1955-1965



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